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16 September 2016

At 11:45 PM today, noted human rights defender Khurram Parvez was taken from Kothi Bagh police station, Srinagar, to Kupwara sub-jail. Earlier in the day he was remanded by an executive magistrate in Srinagar to police custody for ten days and was ordered to be produced before a court on 26 September 2016. He is being held under sections 107 and 151 of the Criminal Procedure Code [detention for breach of peace and design to commit cognizable offence].

From his midnight arrest to his midnight transfer to Kupwara sub-jail, the actions of the State against Khurram Parvez are intended to punish, intimidate and harass. At Kupwara, around 100 kilometres from Srinagar city, Khurram Parvez will be isolated from family, the media, and most importantly his legal counsel based in Srinagar. There exists no legal justification for this transfer. In the present circumstances of continuous curfew, his transfer to Kupwara is an effort to render him incommunicado. Khurram Parvez faces a serious and imminent security threat as every action of the State against him over the last three days has been of increased hostility and he is in an extremely vulnerable position today. This is a particularly disturbing example of the State using the coercive processes of law against a human rights activist who has consistently worked towards upholding principles of justice.

JKCCS has apprised the international community – United Nations, international NGO’s and foreign governments – in Geneva and elsewhere of the grave danger that Khurram Parvez is in today as his unlawful detention continues. The need for immediate and specific steps has been stressed upon. The actions of the Indian State in Jammu and Kashmir today, including with Khurram Parvez, are being closely watched by the international community. Khurram Parvez must be immediately released from custody.

Parvez Imroz, Advocate
President, JKCCS

For further information, please contact: Zahir-Ud-Din [+91-9419009648] and Kartik Murukutla [+91-9561095497 (ONLY on WhatsApp), +41-41779782295 (Switzerland) and]

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